Find Out More About Roofing in Lexington

Shield Roofing and Restoration is the right company for all your roofing needs be it residential or commercial building. Their roofing in Lexington area has A+ rating and they have license to offer roofing services in Lexington and its environs. Their great experience gave them a high reputation over the years. They have become a reliable roofing contractor by many residents in Lexington. Book your roofing through their 24 hour number  (859)279-0520 or get more information through

Types of roofing offered by Shield Roofing and Restoration include Residential roofing and Commercial roofing.

1.     Residential Roofing

We all know that a well-roofed home has a lot of benefits to you and gives you a peace of mind. Hence, getting reliable residential roofing in Lexington brings safety and comfort to your family. The most important aspect about residential roofing is the safety it brings. A damaged roof either by hail or wind can lead to leaks which in turn lead to bigger future problem.

This is why you need to turn to Shield Roofing and Restoration. Roof leaks can lead to electrical, fires and structural damage to your home and may go unnoticed over the years and finally become disastrous. You can characterize the rook leaks by wet spots on the ceilings or damage to floors. Experts at Shield Roofing and Restoration are well equipped with techniques to install and carry out repairs when a leak occurs.

The experienced roof experts can handle any roof type. They can install both low pitch and steep slope roofs while you pick the material you need from their wide variety of roofing materials. The roof materials include tile, asphalt, slate or metal. The experts are comfortable to install and repair any roof material.

Whether switching from one material to another, their experts will get it done in no time. Also regardless the size of your home, you are guaranteed to get reliable residential roofing that is long lasting and at no overcharged fee.

2.     Commercial Roofing

Shield Roofing and Restoration offer the most reliable commercial roofing projects despite the size. In central Kentucky shield roofing are a go to commercial roofing contractor. In commercial roofing time and maintaining beautification of your building is an essential aspect to you.

Their roofing professionals use the latest techniques in roofing your commercial building. Be it flat roofing or steep roofing they will get done with project in minimal time. They strive to bring a functional roof to your commercial building.

As stated earlier, maintaining the anesthetic value of your commercial building and finishing the project in minimal time is an important aspect. At Shield Roofing and Restoration they put in mind these two important aspects. Shield Roofing gives advice to you on the functional roof that matches your building therefore maintaining the anesthetic beauty of your commercial building. It also believes that time is also important to you. Its staff do the job in minimal time. This prevents distractions and interference to your business and customers. It allows you to continue with your business in no time.

The main goal at Shield Roofing and Restoration is to repair or replace your residential and commercial roof in minimal time and with no overcharged fees.




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