Roof Repair Contractors in Lexington, KY

Shield Roofing and Restoration are Central Kentucky’s best roof repair company. We help you file you insurance claims when you have roof damage from either winds, heavy rains and/or hail. Storm damaged roofs often qualify for free repair and replacement and our professional insurance adjusters know exactly how to properly file a claim on your damaged roof.

Roof damage from hail or wind can seem like minor damage at first but left untouched and problems can rapidly fester into bigger issues. Once damage on a roof has become apparent, it’s best to have a professional roofing contractor assess the damage. One of the members of our team will inspect your roof for damage at no charge.

If your roof does need to be repaired, we will give you the most economical options available to you as well as try and give you the best and worse case scenario based on our findings. Sometimes you may find that a simple roof repair will do the trick and keep you from having to do a full roof replacement for years.

When roofs get damaged by storms, it may be best just to replace the entire roof rather than patching and replacing bits and pieces. Our highly trained team of professionals can help you make those judgment calls when the time arises. No pressure and no obligation, ever.

Our roofing company is experienced in commercial roof repair as well as residential roof repair and replacement. No matter how big or small the job, our roofing pros make your roof repair job a breeze. From the time we are able to asses the storm damage to the time your roof is repaired, Shield Roofing is by your side. We finish the job promptly and leave your home or place of business looking good as new.

Siding and gutters are sometimes prey to falling trees and damaging winds. These are vital aspects of your home that also need to be monitored after a storm. A failing gutter can cause water to run down your walls and under your home’s foundation. This can lead an array of problems from foundation damage to mold and mildew growth.

Siding is like the rain jacket for home. It protects your home from wind and water. Just like the roof, siding may also become damaged during a wind storm. Shield Roofing knows to inspect a home’s siding and gutters along with any routine roofing inspection. Stopping damage from spreading and giving your home and airtight and water tight seal are vital to the structural integrity of your home or commercial building.






Roof repair from hail damage
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