Leave it to Roof Repair in Lexington to Give You a New Roof

There are loads of websites out there that will provide step by step instructions about roof repair in Lexington your house. You’ve read all about it, maybe even prepared all the materials to do it yourself. Websites will say “it’s not that hard” and let’s face it, we all want to save money anyway possible.

Just imagine how this whole “I’m going to repair my own roof” business goes. First, you’ll notice once you get onto your roof that the ground didn’t seem that far away when you were standing on it. Also, why is your roof angled that way and why is it so hard to stand on? So, you’ve been outside for a while and you’re probably burnt because you don’t spend much time in the sun. You’re hot, sweaty and probably dehydrated because you forgot to drink water. Not to mention that you’re already sore and achy, you aren’t getting any younger. You know what, on second thought; let’s just leave this to the professionals.

The following steps might seem like an easy project, just remember that we are highly trained professionals. We do this on a daily basis and we are used to the physical demand of the job. We take pride in our work and only provide the best services to our customers.

Step #1 – Shielding your House

We want to make sure all of your property is properly protected! Tarps are places around your house, covering your windows and those bushes and plants you’ve worked so hard on. Protection plywood may also be used to avoid unwanted damage. We know how important it is to avoid getting debris all over your property.

Step #2 – Out with the Old

We remove your old roof and get rid of all those old nasty shingles. Do you even know how long those have been there? Yeah, well we don’t either.

Step #3 – Inspection and Preparation

This step is very important because we will be checking for any damage to the wood decking. Any wet, soft, rotted, warped, what have you, wood will be replaced. We will also check the sheeting to make sure the wood is properly attached to the rafters. This will help keep your shingles on and your roof intact. Once that is complete, we make sure to install a drip edge, a weather shield and roofing felt.

Step #4 – In with the New

This one is pretty self-explanatory and the whole reason we are here. Once we make sure you have a secure base, we start putting the new shingles on. This is where you finally get your first glance at your new roof.

Step #5 – Clean up and Inspection

This is where we clean up after ourselves and make sure to leave your property cleaner than it was. Shield Roofing does one last inspection to make sure everything is perfect. It takes a step back and admire our work and hope you do the same! We are there to make sure everything exceeds your expectations and you are left with a new gorgeous roof that you can show off to the whole neighborhood!

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