Richmond is a city found in Madison County, Kentucky. The city is the third-largest city in Bluegrass Region and thus has a population of 33,533; that was in 2015. The city has a total area of 19.3 sq mi. The land covering 19.1 sq mi of the total area as well as water covers o.1 sq mi of the total area.

Government and Administration

The type of government and administration in Richmond is a council-manager type. This government consists of a city manager, a mayor as well as a board of four commissioners. The mayor and four commissioners are elected by the citizens. The later on appoint a city manager. The function of the city manager is to administer day to day operations in the city. Also the four commissioners’ main functions are to represent citizens’ interest as well as act as the legislative department of the city government. The mayor has a four year service, the commissioners each have a two year service and the city manager term is indefinite.

About Richmond

Colonel John Miller discovered Richmond in 1798 was nicknamed home of Kentucky’s Finest. The city located at the Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is the home to the Eastern Kentucky University. The city functions as a center for shopping as well as work for South-central residents in Kentucky. Thus it also serves as a principal city.

The city has had a rapid growth in population and a notable development in infrastructure and also in businesses. Consequently, Richmond City has moved up four places from and is a 11th largest city in Kentucky. Starting from 1990 to the 21st century the city has experienced a sharp residential and commercial development making it a center for shopping and work.

The city has a mixed racial makeup. Hence, the largest being the white who makes up 88.3% of the total population. Then comes African Americans, Native Americans, Asians and pacific Islanders. The age distribution is as follows between;

  • 18 and 24 is 31.7% of total population
  • 25 and 44 is 27.5% of total population
  • 45 and 64 is 13.8% of total population
  • Under 18 years is 17.5% of total population
  • Over 65 years is 9.5% of total population

Richmond has a serene environment with numerous parks. The most famous park is Lake Reba Recreational Complex. The complex comprises of an aquatic center, sports field for soccer, baseball, softball and football, a horse shoe pit, golf and batting cages and finally a playground.

The city’s high rises are mainly located at Eastern Kentucky University campus near the famous 20-story Commonwealth Hall. 16-story Keene Hall, 13-story Telford Hall, two 12-story buildings and Todd as well as the Dupree halls.


The city has hot humid summers and mild to cool winters type of climate. Generally, we can refer it as humid subtropical climate.


Richmond uses a public school system as a type of education style. There are high schools and post secondary education.  The high schools include Model Laboratory School and Madison Central High School. The post secondary education is from Eastern Kentucky University.

The city has six radio stations and the main newspaper is the Richmond Register. Agency publishes it on Tuesday and Saturday. Students at Eastern Kentucky University also publish a weekly publication known as the Eastern Progress.



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